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About Us

Our company was founded at the end of the ‘50s by José González Tejeda in Béjar, Spain. Starting with only a loom it slowly progressed into a modern viable business replacing obsolete machinery and updating existing techniques to become a leading high quality wool manufacturer in the European market.

J. González Tejeda S.A. continues to develop in this competitive market ensuring customers expectations are met with the highest quality.

The main features of our policy are quality, service, innovation and human resource.


We use only the best high quality wool, which is sourced from Australia, Uruguay, South Africa and New-Zealand as well as from local Spanish sheep.


Due to our long tradition of manufacturing we have a large stock of raw materials and finished products which allow us to run a fast, professional and reliable service.


We constantly research and study the market to improve and develop our designs, products and skills.

We use the latest machinery and techniques in order to achieve the best results.

Our team

Probably one of our best assets is the human resources behind our products. Our team has great experience and a wide knowledge of the textile industry, their commitment to our company translates into high quality products and a first class service.